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An opportunity for people with money to bitch about the "help" who are doing the jobs that they are too lazy or unskilled to do.
I worked my rear end off building decks for people until some dweeb in a suit put my name in Angies list saying I whistled while I worked and he didn't like it. Now my business is sinking so I am suing him into poverty to cover my losses.
by MULIDO June 18, 2008
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A compilation of names and reviews of everyone that Angie has had sex with. It's a REALLY long list, containing over 500 terabytes of data even when rendered in simple text only. Angie is a consummate whore of a housewife, who like most other uppity white bitches, likes to squander her overworked husband's money having a different room of the house remodelled every other week. Also, she has sex with the contractors and then rates their "performance" online. If you can't satisfy her voracious sexual appetites, she will put you out of business by giving you a terrible review.
I need a hot contractor with hard-working hands and a big tool to service me, and by "service me" I of course mean to remodel the guest bathroom. Maybe I can find someone to handle the job on Angie's list.
by chadsuperhero December 12, 2013
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