word used to describe only the pimpdizzlest of females
Yo!!! You see that chick? See that ass, she is angelyne!
by 123007DAMIAN23 August 16, 2008
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One-of-a-kind, loveable girl, who is afraid of being alone even though its not possible. Not afraid of being herself, loves animals (mostly giraffes), and very pretty
Giraffe 1: That girl is like Angelyne!
Giraffe 2: Who?
Giraffe 1: Our number one fan!!
Giraffe 2: Oh, shes such an Angelyne!
by ThatGirrrrl June 22, 2011
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Confident but not arrogant. Not drop dead gorgeous, but there's something about her that'll make you fall hard. What is it about her???
Dude - Who IS that girl?

It's Angelyn.
by madhattah31 June 26, 2010
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Angelyn is the thiccest girl to ever exist. Her eyes? Thicc. Her lips?? THICC. Everything else? Thiccc.

Remember that fish from your childhood? That one sexually appealing fish that you had a strange attraction to? What's her name? Lola from Shark Tale??! Yep, Angelyn is the human version of her. She can make all your childhood fishie dreams come true :*

She also has a brain as big as her bountiful assets. However, she sometimes selectively chooses to use her singular brain cell. It gets lonely up there!

Watch out when you bring her out side! She's prone to getting snatched, specifically, at the library. You might need to censor her big mouth with her thiccccc luscious lips sometimes because she tends to say everything, and i mean EVERYTHING that she thinks out loud!
"Damn, look at those lips! Those are almost as big as Angelyn's."
"Be careful when you go out today. Don't be an Angelyn."
by drlitoris March 26, 2020
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This girl is not the sexiest or the hottest. Yet, Angelyn is smart, funny, and it may not show but very caring. Any boy would be proud to call this girl their's. As I said before she is smart but never admits to it. She thinks bad of her self but not of others. She has many great qualitys but of course a few flaws.
Guy 1: Who is that girl?
Guy 2 : OH her, that's Angelyn.
Guy3: Is she taken?
Guy 2: well duh.
Guy 1 & 2: f*ck!
by Angieb805 February 21, 2016
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Sweet,Funny and Loyal.Drop dead gorgeous confident but not cocky.You never wanna lose her she will be the best person you'll ever meet.And will never forgot her.Shes the type of person you want in your life.She speaks the truth and loves everyone.Hates talking about others and she's loyal.Down to earth and a girl that every guy wants in his life.You look at her and think woah she's everything.
Angelyn is the best person I've ever met.
by Matthew Johns August 21, 2017
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Not just a mother but a Madre. Doesn't always say yes, but empathetic to tears, understands life is not always fair, but looking back, wouldn't change a thing. Instills a pride in her progeny that is nothing but proud of her.
Have you seen her with her kids?

She is nothin' but Angelyn.
by J. Haynes March 26, 2013
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