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This girl is not the sexiest or the hottest. Yet, Angelyn is smart, funny, and it may not show but very caring. Any boy would be proud to call this girl their's. As I said before she is smart but never admits to it. She thinks bad of her self but not of others. She has many great qualitys but of course a few flaws.
Guy 1: Who is that girl?
Guy 2 : OH her, that's Angelyn.
Guy3: Is she taken?
Guy 2: well duh.
Guy 1 & 2: f*ck!
by Angieb805 September 04, 2016
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Confident but not arrogant. Not drop dead gorgeous, but there's something about her that'll make you fall hard. What is it about her???
Dude - Who IS that girl?

It's Angelyn.
by madhattah31 June 26, 2010
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Not just a mother but a Madre. Doesn't always say yes, but empathetic to tears, understands life is not always fair, but looking back, wouldn't change a thing. Instills a pride in her progeny that is nothing but proud of her.
Have you seen her with her kids?

She is nothin' but Angelyn.
by J. Haynes March 26, 2013
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Sweet,Funny and Loyal.Drop dead gorgeous confident but not cocky.You never wanna lose her she will be the best person you'll ever meet.And will never forgot her.Shes the type of person you want in your life.She speaks the truth and loves everyone.Hates talking about others and she's loyal.Down to earth and a girl that every guy wants in his life.You look at her and think woah she's everything.
Angelyn is the best person I've ever met.
by Matthew Johns August 21, 2017
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A one of a kind type of girl. Not the sexiest but there's something about her that makes her so beautiful. This girl is extremely smart but doesn't show it , she has one of the biggest hearts in the world and will go out of her way to help anyone,& her cheesy joke will make you fall had . She can get an attitude, and is definitely the jealous but it's all worth it when it comes to her . Angelyn's typically have a nice body figure with a big ass, and pretty big tits but usually have self confidence issues and believe they're "fat". Angelyn are also huge freaks ... they're into all sorts of new stuff in the bedroom. Get you an angelyn
tom : Damn I wish I had an angelyn she's so much fun

me: to bad shes taken
by Nancy kidi August 15, 2017
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