A short girl but has lots to say than you can ever imagine. Although she is shy at first but when you get to know her you'll have great memories with her. Angeline can be known as an Asian for her grades. She stays up at night daydreaming about things she wished could happened. She has the most amazing friends , if you're one of them you should be grateful. Angeline is very unique. If you were to play a quite game with her Angeline would be the first one to lose because she is always laughing. I think my favorite thing about Angeline is that she is always laughing, I find that adorable. If you ever run into Angeline be sure to smile at her.
Hey where is Angeline.

Angeline stop laughing.
by Joyline February 23, 2014
Angeline is a really talkative girl who is really really outgoing and fun. She will literally never stop laughing. She can be immature at times but it is this immaturity that brings out the inner child in you that you rarely see and cause you to relax and have fun. When you spend time with her, you will never ever be bored. She is the type of person who will bring you out on adventures. Her top priorities is friendships, she will always make sure that you feel loved and that you have always have someone (her) to bring you up when others drag you down. She loves making new friends. She has a really cute personality and is witty and extremely humorous.

She is really pretty, and her beauty is natural beauty, she does not even use any facial treatment creams or lotion at all. Her body is really sexy too and she knows how to sit and stand in a way that attracts all the guys in the school. She knows what clothes she looks good in and which she does not. She has her own style and does not bother in following the trends, but she still always looks cool and trendy.

She is very forgiving and will forgive you for almost everything except for the disastrous ones like betrayal or broken trust. Everyone loves her and if you are one of her closest friends, make sure you never do anything to make her stop befriending you because she is a friend you would always want to have.
I want to sit next to Angeline during class today as the teacher is too boring and I want to sit next to someone who will make class less boring.
by i.like.my.toes.so.much September 11, 2019
Angeline is the most beautiful and goofy girl you'll ever find, she always there when needed, she's not the type to cry or show emotions in front of who she's not comfortable with.

She knows how to hide her emotions.
She won't always tell you what's bothering her.

She can make you smile just by looking at you, if you have Angeline as friend you're lucky! Don't let her go, because if she does..... She's never coming back.

Her energy is contagious so is her smile, her presence makes you feel safe, comfortable, warm and happy.

Angeline is unique, she's fragile, she's delicate, she's gentle, she's goofy, she's kind.
The energy in the room changes as Angeline walks in, the room feels warm, calming "who's that?" An unknown voice said to the boy on his right "that's Angeline" the boy said amused.
Angeline will be shay at first, but when you get to know her you’ll make great memories. Angeline is known for been intelligent, loyal, and exiting , she will always have a great mood. All the boys that meet her fall in love.... HARD. She has a great personality, but sometimes she will fall into jealousy.

If you meet Angeline, be sure to be very great full. Most of the time she will day dream throughout the night of what she wishes to happen. Though she tends to be secretive she will only tell her best friend m. Once you’ve known her for awhile she will give you her trust.

So make sure , if you know Angeline to be great full to have her.
Me: hey Angeline look at this pic !!!
Her:* starts to laugh uncontrollably *
Me: Angeline stop laughing
by 6482 July 1, 2019
The best person, well, ever. She has to live up to high expectations, but she’s alright. Tall and ‘big boned’, you don’t wanna mess with her. Straight a’s and perfect attendance, Angelines are practically perfect.
Guy 1: DAMNN! Who’s that girl over there?
Guy 2: That’s Angeline perfect attendance and a 4.0 GPA.
Guy 1: WOAH!
by #marshmallow February 22, 2018
A totally cool awesome girl who everyone thinks is blonde but secretly, is not. She's usually a stunner in face and body but it's her amazing humor and wittiness that completely wins guys over.

This girl ain't a quitter, is sneaky when she needs to be in order to get things done. Mischief suits her well. And can she fight with the fists and the words! Angeline will get bogged down in life by bozos who associate her with that ho-bag Jolie and her United Nations gypsy pack and even the billboard blond who butchers the spelling as Angelyne.

The best advice to give a Angeline is: Take it all in stride, because you'll eventually surpass them all. No foolin'.
guy #1: Damn that girl is fly!

guy #2: That's 'cause she's Angeline

guy #1: Ooh I'm gonna get me a piece of Angelina

guy #2: (irritated) Dude theres no "uh" at the end

guy #1: Whatever she's so pretty I'ma call her Angel

guy #2: (SUPER PISSED) Why the fuck would you do that when her name is Angeline?! Don't fuckin' shorten it! Ugh you're such a fuckface

Angeline: Yeah you're a fuckface
by TheAvengingUnicorn March 6, 2010
she is a strong female she stops at nothing to just be happy she doesn't ask for alot she just wants to find love she doesn't care about looks or riches she fights for those who cant and those who are afraid to she has always stood up for what is right and kept going even when deep down inside she was falling apart she smiled and help the other people around her that were hurting she would put anyone and everyone above herself she's truly amazing and a true hero that hides her feelings and her hurt and keeps going at all cost hoping that one day she'll find her happily ever after.
Angeline is hot
by Emily4 June 22, 2020