Angel is the most loyal person that you will ever have in your life. Never underestimate what he is capable of. Angel will always be there for you no matter the situation. If you have an Angel make sure to cherish the time you have with him. He will never break under any circumstances he will always be standing tall. Its very difficult to break Angel's walls he will never admit he is not ok he will always be smiling and never show sadness
Hey Angel you ok. Yeah im great
by Unknown2234 October 11, 2019
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A cool person who doesn’t care what anyone thinks and lives by his own mean. But he loving and trustworthy. Most likely drives a sport car.
There goes Angel in the Porsche.
Angel is my best friend.
by Fact.real March 25, 2021
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Angel is a misunderstood, friendly person, and misses his brother dearly.
Is passionate about what he creates, and wishes he could change the world to see his way. He is going down a path, a path of questionable reasoning. He doesn’t know who he can trust, what he can do, and who he can help. He is trustworthy, and overall you shouldn’t regret meeting this stranger.
Who know’s, maybe you’ll gain his trust and maybe you can help him down his path.
But betray this friend, and you’ve made an enemy instead.
Hey angel, what’s that?
It’s a painting!
by January 12, 2021
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Angel is a person you will not get out of your head she is like a drug once you see her you have to see her again.She is loving and caring for eve body doesn't matter who it is.AND I LOVE HER
by Loveisfakeafmf February 13, 2019
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He is a nice guy who will be loyal as a boyfriend and friend. He is a big teddy bear who just wants to hug.

He likes anime and cars a bit to much but will still give you all of the time he has.

He is funny and will make you laugh even when you don't want to. He is loving and kind and you would love to have a person like Angel in your life.
Here comes the teddy bear angel
Angel is the kindest person ever
by Abigal49729 February 26, 2021
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Basically the most hoe ass bitch of all time. When you find a Bacon do not follow her dark THOT magic ways. The most likely girl to get pregnant. Do not call her “Extra Thicc Bacon” you will die.
“Damn Angel is some extra thicc Bacon
*Gets expelled from school*
by JNEMH December 22, 2017
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