Kim Namjoon is a comforting soul who is always here to guide us with light and warmth, everyday. An angel.
by September 23, 2020
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Angel, shes a amazing talented bad ass baddie..shes really shy though- but! Shes really funny and nice when you get to know her!! Her fashion sense is just immaculate OVER THE TOpPP🤪🤘 shes has to aestehtics retro baddie skater🚬🤘🛹👸🏻🎱💅🏼 and then the other is vintage soft angel 🧚 ♀️🔮🧸🌌
shes really sweet but hunny...dont mess with her, for ur safety 🤧
Angel is amazing, beautiful and immaculate..fabulous JUST MAGNIFICENT🤪🧚 ♀️💞🙈💫💅💕
by Gr00vyymind28 June 29, 2020
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property of bubs the rest of u hoes stay away
Angel and Bubs are the ultimate couple fr fr
by mhm_mhm March 22, 2021
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Angel is a wonderful girl. She is the best type of friend youll ever find. She will do anything to see you happy. She may be quite but if you get to know her very well you'll see her as a funny, nice, and caring person. Dont give up an Angel for anyone because seriously they will help you anytime you need them.
Girl1: ugh i hate Angel stop hanging out with her.
Girl2: no Angel is me best friend and for sure she is a way better friend than you are.
by girl_deeply_in_love May 18, 2019
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A very cool girl . She’s funny and has a great personality . She’s pretty and amazing . Angel is smart and kind but knows her self worth but sometimes she falls for the wrong boys .

Friend : Who do you like ?

Angel: Freddie . I love him .

Friend : why????
by Sexy beast 7112 November 21, 2020
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If you meet an Angel you better hold on tight. Angle will brighten your day and be there for you through hard times. Angel won’t leave your side and is athletic. Angel is romantic and kind and goofy. Angel cares for his friends and will do crazy things to protect them. Angel is a freaky freak. Angel will make his girl feel amazing and always surprise her with kisses. Angel is overall a guy that doesn’t care abt materialistic things but more about the person.
Who did that kind act?
Angel did.
by Idkkk who j am March 26, 2019
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