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Anest is a friendly and nice girl.She smiles but inside she is broken into pieces. People often misunderstand her and hurt her.She always helps and has her friends back.Anest is one of the best people you will meet.She’s Perfect and beautiful inside and out
Girl 1:Oh she’s so pretty and amazing
Girl 2:I know she’s such an Anest
by Cattysooo January 11, 2019
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Anest is a nice and caring person. She is smart and never gives up unless the task isn’t in her liking. Anest, also cares about others more than herself sometimes and is a very good friend ( you’d be sad to lose a friend like Anest) She can be very emotional but also keeps her cards close to her chest, so may have some trust issues with her friends but if they have hurt her before she won’t have any trust in them. She has mid-length brown hair with gorgeous blue eyes that pop out when she is on holiday. Many people can underestimate Anest when in sports but she’s determined to change her impression ok those people
Person1- Have you seen that girl, she is very much an Anest
by Imsocool24 July 26, 2019
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a girl who's socially irresponsible, believes that she needs to drink every weekend, although is quite partial to the taste off cider, lidl is a top food company in which she will buy from. bagels are her mothers key point, her mother, commonly known as a 'Sasha' makes the best. Anest is a fun child to be around and is very good looking with a cracking arse. She's also known as 'Squirrel Tits' and 'Analnest', she has a music taste which consists off 'Justin Bieber' and 'Kanye West' but this girl wouldn't mind dancing under the mistletoe in your muffer fuckin clique. Topshop and Lana Del Ray are her favourite. and Catt.
girl 1: OMG just been to topshop

girl 2: aw nice! i just bought a bagel from lidl
girl 3: ha, im on the cider
boy: shit girls, you're such an ANEST
by cattinmypants July 17, 2013
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