Anele is not just a queen, she is a slay queen 👑. She can sweep you right off your feet. She is loyal to her lover (manz). She can spoil her manz if she really loves him. Beware ladies she can snatch your weave and your nails off by one stare. She is smarter than she shows and is drop dead gorgeous 😍. You would have to have all the luck in the world to be her manz, classmate or friend. She has many hidden talents and wouldn't have any trouble on stage. She loves music and can sing like an angel if she wants to. She is really good at cuddling and you wont want to get away from her. Stop staring at her face because she already knows she is gorgeous. Sarcasm Queen. Intelligent and very funny.
Guy 1: OMG Anele just said hi to me.

Guy 2 :Your so lucky.

Guy 1: Imagine her having a crush on me.

Guy 2 : Then you have to become Guy 3.
by That_bitch12852 December 23, 2019
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the MOST sweet, loving, christian, beautiful girl you will ever meet. she is open minded, and won't fight you on anything unless you are personally attacking the ones she loves. you could never have a better friend, sibling, or girlfriend than an Anelle. She loves people, God, and animals with her whole heart. She may be humble but she is the most talented person. Anelle puts 110% in everything she does whether it's planning a party, gift, a school project, or being there for you and listening to you rant. If you meet an Anelle do NOT let her go, and treat her with the love she deserves whether you're her friend or boyfriend.
I'm so happy I met Anelle.

Man, I'm having a hard time with (blank). Hey dude just go tell Anelle she'll help you!
by heyyyyyyy;) August 5, 2019
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Means:Angel in latin But really.....Is just a crazy bitch who loves her life doesnt drink or smoke Sweet, has a steady relationship with one guy and has amazing friends
Damn That Anell is taken by Tanner
by Explosion September 23, 2006
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Anel is the most amazing guy ever, he is a laid back chill guy. he get's a bad wrap for his name but he is the biggest sweetheart ever. He has amazing hair and is an all out funny guy. He's not as bad as the other guys out there and he is the most understanding guy you'll ever know
I wish there were more Anel's out there because they are such sweetheart's.
by blauwe.lucht January 30, 2019
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Anel is the definition of looking like a MACHER
you could also use it as a synonym for player,badass,bosslike,shupapi
by mirz October 11, 2021
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Anel’ is the best person in Aluaw’s life. She is like the most beautiful and amazing star in her life. Anel’ is very beautiful, feminine and just the best girl in this whole world.

Alua loves Tadzhi
Alua: I love u
Anel’: I love myself too!)
by Aluaw November 20, 2021
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