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Aneeqa is a beautiful girl that every boy likes, but they never tell her. She is really intimidating and can easily get angry and no - one wants to be on her bad side. She loves animals and has a really good sense of humor. People take advantage of the fact that she can be so nice. She is a cute and bubbly girl. She is also really flirty and you can easily get caught in her beautiful personality
Jack: I wish Aneeqa was mine
Jonathon: No shes going to be mine!
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by NO-ONE :) June 12, 2018
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The kinkiest gyal in the sheets around, has a shit ton of guys in her DMs but she’s too smart to give in to any of them. Dark haired, big eyes, indian and 4 feet short. She’s beautiful and butters at the same time and knows it. Knows where she’s going in life and what she wants, and won’t give up until she’s got it. Has the piffest body with a huge rack and booty.
She looks like an Aneeqa don’t even go near her
by Niteone May 03, 2018
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