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The most delectable eyebrowless woman in all of the world. Orignating in Centerville, GA, and prospering in the garden of New London Theatre, where she is daily watered by Lorin Raab, a careful gardener who produces the most beautiful flowers in the world. (See: Raab)
You may identify an AndyPandy if she;
1. Has long legs that go on for miles
2. Has no eyebrows
3. Smokes like a chimney
4. Has a sexual apetite of five thousand men
5. Has a bad habbit of sneaking out at night
6. Cuts her best friend's tow off
7. Says "blurp"
8. Is constantly changing the colour of her hair
9. Has the hottest boy friend in thw world!!!
10. Has five healthy sized "U"s and a Holly Black obsession.

For more information on AndyPandys, see The Moron's Guide to AndyPandys.
Did you see that foxy mamma with the bright pink Sharpie eyebrows and the legs that went on for three lightyears? She must be the AndyPandy!
by Andriea May 30, 2008
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A rare rather camp panda species which are prone to inhabit English villages in search food and safety from a Joshysaurus, the most evil and disgusting anal dweller you will ever see, its white fur being covered in horrible pink glitter makes it a natural predator of the very tanned andypandy which despises things of beauty and use.
person:"Isnt that an andypandy?"*points*
andypandy: *starts starts being humped by joshysaurus*
other guy: "yep definitely"
by Alsahiju October 07, 2013
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