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Andrew John Hurley is the drummer for the Chicago based band Fall Out Boy
He is a Vegan, and an animal rights activist. He has many tatoos and can definetly rock out on the drums.
Andy did many punk rock bands before he joined Fall Out Boy, he did not join Fall Out Boy until their album Take This To Your Grave
adj: down to earth, mellow, awesome

Andy Hurley is a pretty funny guy
Andy Hurley is a good drummer
by iSWEARiSAY June 08, 2006
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Drummer for Fall Out Boy, used to drum for RaceTraitor and Arma Angelus. Awesome drummer, political activist and vegan, and he's pretty hot too.
Andy Hurley can beat my drum anytime.
by K Diddle October 05, 2005
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The coolest drummer forever and now. Vegan, animal rights activist, and all around nice guy. Currently drums for Fall Out Boy.
I love Andy Hurley from Fall Out Boy and want to marry him.
by Dance, Dance June 11, 2005
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The drummer for Fall Out Boy and pretty much one of the most awesome people to ever reside on this planet. A vegan, animal rights activist and full-blown straight-edge (A MASSIVE accomplishment for a famous band member), Andy Hurley is covered in tattoos and is one hell of a drummer (number five in the world, in my book). Possibly his best work is in the songs Dead On Arrival and Grand Theft Autumn. He can roll it like no other!
Man, I want to be just like Andy Hurley.
by WyrdWolf June 13, 2007
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One of the 2 fall out boy band members nobody knows.

He is the drummer.

The other guy nobody knows is Joe Trohman
Person:So whos in fall out boy?
Person 2: Patrick Stump,Pete Wenzand...2 other people
Person 3: Your forgetting Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman
The other 2:who?
Person 3: The drummer and backup vocalist

by Kakashi1432 March 02, 2009
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the drummer for fall out boy, a vegin, totaly cute, and has the sexiiest voice ever!!!
omg! did you see andy hurley on t.v. last night?
he was soo sexii!
by raindropsONroses<3 June 26, 2007
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