Anarcho-syndicalism, also referred to as revolutionary syndicalism, is a theory of anarchism that views revolutionary industrial unionism or syndicalism as a method for workers in capitalist society to gain control of an economy and thus control influence in broader society.
Syndicalists consider their economic theories a strategy for facilitating worker self-activity and as an alternative co-operative economic system with democratic values and production centered on meeting human needs.
worker A: I believe in equal labor, we don't need greddy boss, we're tired of resisting wage slavery in the capitalist society. We want to be free! Liberation of the working class.
worker B: I agree! Long Live Anarcho-Syndicalism
by joloqs December 14, 2019
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A type of anarchism which maintains that an anarchist society can come about through action by workers organised in unions - typically grassroots unions with direct democracy or without officials. Workers' organisation is to culminate in a general strike which overcomes capitalism, as well as generating day-to-day resistance which weakens capitalist control.
The IWW and IWA have always been the main anarcho-syndicalist groups.

The IWW, or Wobblies, believed in the formation of one big union involving all workers, as a prelude to a general strike. They still exist, but were most successful in pre-WW2 America, when they successfully organised many workers.

The IWA is an international federation of groups of anarcho-syndicalists in various countries. Unlike the IWW, it organises as a federation of individuals and not as a union divided up into industries and occupations.

The Spanish union, CGT, is federated to the IWA and is the largest syndicalist group anywhere today. It was even bigger in the 30s, when it was one of the main organisers of the resistance to Franco's attempt to seize power. It provoked controversy, however, by entering government, in breach of anarchist principles.
by free-range egghead May 4, 2004
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The form of government advocated by "Dennis the Peasant" in the famous Monty Python Movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"

If you don't believe me you haven't watched it enough
"I told you, we're an anarco-sydicalist commune. We take it in turns to be a sort of executive officer for the week..."

Though anarcho-syndicalism is funny in the movie, only true idiots would be proponents of such a dumb system
by Lookinglass November 22, 2005
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A democratic system where people vote on how resources are used. There are no property rights, and attempting to hold property or own it is severely punished by the ruling committee elected by the populus

. Anarcho-syndicalists often pretend to represent individualism, but it is clear the property rights are essential to be tolerated and independent of your community. Because of this, anarcho-syndicalism is indistinguishable from anarcho-communism.

Anarcho-syndicalists intend to accomplish their goals by using force and coercion using a state structure to conquer what they consider to be "private tyrannies." After accomplishing democratic socialism, these anarcho-syndicalists expect the state to somehow dissolve and for anarcho-syndicalism to form.

Anarcho-syndicalism relies on committees that work with workers to produce goods. No currency is used, and so there is no way to accurately measure value or support a supply and demand system to support a materialistic culture. These committees act like a government, where they administer justice and enforce laws.

Anarcho-syndicalists claim that the use of coercion through their committee structure, their establishment of temporary leaders through democracy, and non-tolerance of capitalist internal systems is somehow anarchy.
Regular Person: anarcho-syndicalism is truly statism.
Political Person: No. Go get educated and stop your straw man attacks. Anarcho-syndicalism is true freedom of the collective people form the tyranny of individual property rights and capitalism.
by other guy besides me May 14, 2016
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