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The name for many names, Ananian signifies diversity. It can be annoying, kind, sad, righteous, beautiful, funny, mean, warm, etc...

So, what does this mean? It mean's everyone's an Ananian. They are those lucky trillion, million people out there; they roam the planet and discover truths, and live out their lives and discover others. Ananian's are anonymous; they slip back and forth, effortlessly and without notice. They are unconscionable because they are the dreamers, but they are ever so easily understandable because they are the humans and creatures living on this world.
Mary: Hello Sue! You're looking very Ananian today.
Sue: Aww! How sweet of you to notice Mary!

Stan: Hey Dick, did I tell you you're an Ananian?
Dick: Why thanks Stan! Nobody's ever told me that before!

Tom: Shut-up you, you... you Ananian!
Jerry: You shut up!...Stupid annoying Ananian...
by Pheaton Victorian December 22, 2011
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