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The after effects of butt-fucking
Guy 1: Last night I filled my girl friend with anal gravy!
Guy 2: Nice dawg!
by Ryan March 20, 2004
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the greasy, stank,grayish brown crud that collects in the taint area after a day's worth of vigorous activity in the blazing heat. It consists of back sweat, lotion, possibly sunblock and hair products, and of course liquidated fecal matter.
Man I just came from Ozzfest and my nads are swimming in anal gravy.

Fuck dude! Take a shower!
by bob digitech August 09, 2008
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The result of shooting a load into a chicks ass while she's shitting on your dick. Similar to a dirty sanchez on your cock, or to a shit dick, but with more liquid.
I had to wipe the anal gravy off my dick before I went back to the girlfriend.
by Santos L Helper June 15, 2006
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