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Amya is the best person ever. She's very giving always trying to give people what they want. Shes smart and athletic and she's know for her eyes and goofy-ness. She's fun to be around and makes a great friend or girlfriend. Amya's are not very common so if you come across one snatch her up real quick.
Damn I need me an Amya in my Life.
by Lividdivinde March 28, 2017
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An amazing friend. An amazing lover. The best person you will ever meet. The most beautiful person with medium brown hair and brown eyes. Very entergetic. Loves basketball and is very athletic. Loves to be with the people close to her. Very artistic. Very outgoing. Very daring. Very confident. Loves her friends. Deffinitly loves hot guys and also loves music. Loves friends families like their her own. Will do anything to protect the people she loves the most. If you break her heart, she forgets but doesn't forgive. She is a real lost so if you get her...keep her!!!
Wow... that girl must be an Amya because she is the most beautiful human I have ever seen
by Lover_32 May 27, 2017
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Amya is an amazing girl with the best personality. She is smart and beautiful. She wants everyone to be happy but if you make her mad this savage girl will roast you. Amya is hot and athletic. She is tall and has dark beautiful long hair
Damn, that Amya is soo beautiful. I love her says Ashton
by SavAmya February 19, 2018
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She's so hot and nice. She gives to everyone but never gets anything in return, but she is hot hot hot.
Wow Amya is so hot like holy moly.
by Amyaaaaaaa January 16, 2017
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Amya is sexy and darksin but doesn't have a lot of friends and everyone doubts her skin color but everyone else is blind, and Amya is very thick
"Dang Amya thick bro"
by Wowza gang gang March 21, 2017
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Is a very nice lover. She will treat people right and treats her lover better than everyone other than her family. If u hurt her she will come back for you. She is short with long brown flowing hair. She can be a bit of a bitch sometimes, when she is there is a reason. Everyone loves amya, some of her closest friends think she is fake now but that doesn't matter to her. When amya feels loved u can tell.
Omg amya is so fake
by Childplay4 August 04, 2017
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Amya is the kind of person who has courage and is not afraid to speak up.she follows her dreams.she’s a girl with medium brown hair and brown eyes.amya says what’s on her mind.she is very athletic,very flexible,and very brave,only once in awhile you come around an Amya so once you have her don’t let her go
Oop there goes Amya
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by Amyarose14 May 23, 2018
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