To play a game of LoL and end up in a 4 v 5.
I played a game of league the other day and ended up getting Amoled when my support disconnected.
by wtfisthislmao June 15, 2015
The definition of kindness and selflessness. He's very smart and has a 15 inch dick. He's very hot too and has the personality of a william dagoat. People love him but he doesn't realise that
When will people realise that Amol dev kashyap is hot
by Maaro mujhe maaro March 14, 2022
The most awesome and baddest man on the planet enough to scare away men.
But a sweetheart to girls.
Oh man I just met amol
He was terrifying but my girls were drooling for him
by Zesus christ November 23, 2021
An extremely handsome and charming man. He sometimes doesn't know when to shut up but he'll never let you be bored he'll always find a way to entertain you , also looks a bit like young john man
Wow i met amol yesterday he's so cool
by Maaro mujhe maaro March 14, 2022