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Noun - Ae-mmm, -ie

A Classy but sexy long haired beauty. With a face that brightens up every soul in a room. Intelligent yet fun-loving with a twisted sick sense of humor. Hangs better with the boys. Not afraid to worship her inner partygirl. Beautiful, with a deep appreciation of nature and partying. A poetic heart open to everyone. Always in touch with her inner child. Twisted little vixen when shes alone. More addictive than crack and internet porno combined. A body so hot it almost hurts you physically. If you can get enough of her your probably with a phony. If you ever found one and were too stupid to notice, find her again and beg her to let you back in to the circle quick before another guy takes your place.
I had an Ammy for biology class, but lost her due to my stupidity!

I chose porno and crack over my Ammy, I'm such a douch bag!

Girls want to be Ammy, guys want to be with Ammy.

If I was Ammy I would fuck myself to oblivion just to make everyone jealous.
by NameDefinesYou August 23, 2012
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n-Bad/Good Girl

1. A female who is both good and bad at the same time.
2. A person who is good at times and bad at other times.
3. A girl-next door but also a partygirl

That girl is such a Ammy. She volunteers all the time, but she loves bending the law.
by JustBeingMe January 13, 2007
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1. noun - One who lacks experience at a sport or action; a new-comer; an amateur
Oh man, I remember when I was an ammy... I was so clueless...
by [m³] March 13, 2005
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