(par'-tee gurl)n. Any female who constantly frequents nightclubs, and participates in nightlife.(i.e. friends or celebrities gatherings)This person is usually living on daddy's money, cheating on her husband/boyfriend, or insists that because she "is young" she is entitled to always have a good time, with little or no responsibilities.
Paris Hilton is a partygirl.
by Mark November 27, 2004
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Hotties who usually travel in a group consisting of more than one slut. Their base is the Crackhouse and they love eating nachos. They wake up to their best friend spooning them, followed by "What the hell happened last night?" Partygirls have amazing times and every boy wants to 'fock' them. They go out every weekend and are always at the best party. Partygirls 'totaaallly make people cream their pants' and basically live the goodlife!
Those crackheads are such partygirls
by jew jew 27 July 11, 2008
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