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Amier is type of person Name which means Leader......

wooo Amier

Fire in The Hole....Amier....uhhhhhh
by Junaid USman January 03, 2008
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A unique name that means,The one nigga that says go fuck your selfs, was the best roaster till retirement, and has destroyed many cloacas
Ohh shit it’s amier
by Go fuck yourselves May 20, 2018
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An Amier is that tall guy you like, just can't confess. You think he's hot and all. Then when you talk to him, will get pissed in any way. An Amier is so popular, but then when you get in his business, he will use your actions against you. Start adding his friends one day, and it will stir up anger in him. Never befriend an Amier. They will text you the worst things ever because you caused them to act that way. Always with his male friends Schmidty, Vinnie, and Ricardo. Also Farley. Amier is the type of guy who never gets tired of partying. He parties almost every day. The offspring of a white Lady and an Arabian Dad. He loves his Dad although he's all the way in Arabian where the Pyramids are built. If you are friends with an Amier, good luck on knock meeting his bad side.
Me and Amier had our good times and that time's passed.
by ChristianQueen April 06, 2018
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Amier is about 6'0. You will like him one day. But then when he talks to you, he will get easily pissed. Be careful what you say to him. If you say weird things, he will automatically excuse you.
Amier wiill only be mean to you if you try to get at him. Unfortunately he likes another girl.
by ChristianQueen May 12, 2018
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A boy who lives up to the reality that "looks are deceiving" because over text he will treat you like dirt.
Amier is not the type of guy you'd want to be around.
by ChristianQueen January 06, 2019
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