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Ameritrash is port-manteau of "American trash" meant as a pejorative towards a genre of American boardgames. In general, this connotes games that highly emphasize theme (i.e. story, background, motivation, etc), player to player conflict, and usually feature a moderate to high element of luck. This is used in contrast to Eurogames.
There was much debate as to whether "Axis & Allies" was Ameritrash or not.
by sue_doe_nymph March 29, 2009
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An ultra poor bicontinental attempt to copy the pretentious,faddish style of Eurotrash... or a cheaper version therein

2. The poor in attitude, intentionaly ignorent, unitelligent, white American one who is intollerant of other cultures or races.
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
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