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Ameritrash is port-manteau of "American trash" meant as a pejorative towards a genre of American boardgames. In general, this connotes games that highly emphasize theme (i.e. story, background, motivation, etc), player to player conflict, and usually feature a moderate to high element of luck. This is used in contrast to Eurogames.
There was much debate as to whether "Axis & Allies" was Ameritrash or not.
by sue_doe_nymph March 29, 2009
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by Callmemaybe69 May 12, 2021
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An ultra poor bicontinental attempt to copy the pretentious,faddish style of Eurotrash... or a cheaper version therein

2. The poor in attitude, intentionaly ignorent, unitelligent, white American one who is intollerant of other cultures or races.
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
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These individuals, either by birth or marriage, have acquired trust fund wings, which permit them to defy the law of economic gravity that rules everyone else. They are Ameritrash.
by Joannis December 21, 2020
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