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A game idea based on the US army to recruit noobs into the military.

Just because you can snipe someone on the screen doesn't mean that you won't get your ass beat by some towelhead in the middle east with an RPG.
The day where we can use a mouse and keyboard to shoot someone, America will truly kick some ass.
by Bud Wise June 29, 2004
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Game released by the Army as a recruitment tool. However, The CS noobs/kiddies invaded it with their bunny hopping and aimbots so it pretty much sucks now, unless you find a good moderated server.
Did you get the recent version of Americas Army?
by DCF December 09, 2004
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The greatest free online game, which once was worth the entire week-end to play, but now because of some dumbass AA Devs, Hackers, Ghosters and Noobies have invaded this game. Such faggots as the {wTf} which is devoted to hacking and ruining anything that used to be great on the internet.
All Devs and hackers, should be brought to the Artic, stripped down, thrown in a Lake with a new breed of Artic Pirahna, which only go for the crotch, then they shall be pulled out and exectued with Bazooka's from close range.
by -=.SeNor.NeUvA.YoRk.=- February 22, 2005
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This game is tight. It is free, has incredible graphics (for being free), and is hours and hours of shoot-em-up fun.

Anyone who bitches about it being "corrupt government propaganda" or some bullshit should probably chill out. The game was obviously made as a recruiting tool, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the best FPS out there.

Anyone who bitches about it being not realistic in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE: that's because real war isn't fun. You don't develop a game to be not fun, nobody will play it. (key word here is GAME)
omg our courupt goverment made a propaganda gaem 2 get inocent children to wnat to join teh army and die! boycott americaz armie!!1

Yeah let's boycott a free game, good plan dumbass.
by IEATLIVEPUPPIES April 28, 2005
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Awesome free game made by the United States army. The new version (Special Forces) comes out October 31st! :)
by Dysfunction September 28, 2003
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Awsome tactical FPS made by the U.S. Army.
Easily the best free game available today, America's Army is based on realism. Despite cries of, "propaganda, propaganda!" (see stupidly long definition at he bottom of the page). Most AA players are in it for fun.... and this it delivers effectively.
It is easy to die in AA, ususally 3 or fewer hits is enough to end your game, and once you're dead, you dont come back until the next round. This forces players to play with their brain and work as a team, much like the real army must do to stay alive in the field.
Weapons are modelled realisticly in looks, sound, and the way they behave. The gunshots are actually recorded from the shooting range, and the reloading animations are accurate to a T.
The most interesting feature of America's Army is the way the teams are set up; there is no "terroists versus U.S.". Instead both teams see themselves and their teammates as US soldiers with US weapons. And will see the enemy as Terrorists with Russian made firearms. The oppsing team will see the exact opposite.
America's Army's graphics are nothing special, but there are no major complaints, as long as you have decent graphics hardware.
"You guys up for Some Amerca's Army tonight?"
"HUA! I just finished downloading America's Army"
by Sexy McSexington March 17, 2005
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I pay tax dollars for this!! Oh well. Its a fun game and its free (sort of). People piss and moan about the graphics but c'mon its a free game dont expect it to be something from DOOM 3 or F.E.A.R.. They also complain that it shows a biased view of the Army. Well of course they will its a recruitment tool retards. Just because it doesnt show all the blood, gore, screaming and innocent children suffering doesn't mean it shows only the Army as a good thing. After all, the game designers are not retards, if they show this kind of stuff it will defeat the purpose of the game. Just because it is designed to recruit people doesn't mean you have to join the army. Just enjoy one the best free games out there and stop your bitching.
Gee, America wastes our tax money on ICBM nukes will never use, well-fare for lazy asses who won't get a job, and America's Army to attempt to recruit computer nerds into the Army. What a country we live in!
by Gatman April 02, 2006
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