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A brunette hot mess from Australia, who is gorgeous, voluptuous, smart and hilarious. Amberley wears the pants. She is ballsy and has all the hot guys wrapped around her finger. Amberley is a perfectionist and likes to procrastinate. She likes to enjoy spending time with her men, particularly on motorbikes. Amberley is different to any other girl your will ever meet, she is amazing.
Wow that girl is sex on legs, she must be Amberley! I wish I look like that!
That guy is GORGEOUS! He's definitely with Amberley!
by MadelineGrey12 November 08, 2013
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A voluptuous blonde girl from Texas who is intelligent, sexy and witty. She will charm you out of your pants and convince you it was a good idea.

Caution: Not for the weak of heart or mind!
I talked to Amberley today and she got me so turned on I had to put an icepack on my groin.

Woman, you should be more like Amberley.

Almost sounds like I'm Burly.
by VanBuren2 January 25, 2009
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