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Amandine literally means "She who has to be loved".

It sounds like an obligation, but as soon you will meet Amandine, there is no need to force yourself to love her. And of course, you get all the love back and even more than that ...

Elegance, beauty, intelligence and a glance of seduction are the perfect words for describing this woman of class.
I think I'm falling in love. And not with just an ordinary girl. Not with a real beauty.

Not with a model, a friend, a dream. But with Amandine.
by GeorgeRendall February 28, 2016
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Amandine is the kind of girl who is awesome and is always there for you. She is the kind of girl who is Kind and would make a great girlfriend. She cares about the environment and is determined on saving the turtles. SKSKSKSK! She is the Ultimate vsco girl and really cares about everyone. she never gives up on anyone and has straight A's. Family first school second is her motto! She is definitely and Capricorn and is adventurous.
OMG, Michelle is such an Amandine!!
by UrBaN DiCiTIoNaRy September 29, 2019
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