Someone who will lie to you for your money or friend connections. Has no feelings. Stupid. Usually your best friend for a long time before you find out she was stealing your money and jewelry. Will stalk you. Eats everything with a topping, like ketchup. Extremely stupid and will end up pregnant and with out a husband. Amanda binds is the only exception to this. She's funny and sweet.
Have you seen my money?


Damn amanda stole it again!
by Ilike3things1isyou August 18, 2009
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an ugly ass fucking whore shove a spork in a light socket, because your the one whos fucking ugly and cant afford to pay for water so you bathe in sweat. yea thats really healthy. and look whos the one who cant afford a toothbrush. news for you hun, go work on the streets if a nigger ever wants you im sure he will pay a dollar (:
Amanda couldnt be a whore if she tried.
by Best friend (: November 14, 2008
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Amandas are typically very shy, but once she will get to know you she will be your best friend. If amnda doesn't come talk to you, go up and say hi. I promise you you won't regret it. Amandas have a very nice butt, okay boobs. And they lived having friends around who care about her. Amands will try to help you out no matter the problem. She always will have the right advice for you. Amanda is very emotional, she gets hurt every easy. Amanda is scred to be in a relationship because she doesn't want to get hurt. But mabey you will be the one. If you have an Amanda, bold her close and never let her go. Amanda like hugs. And she loves cuddles. Amanda is a very caring person. She will always be there with you. She is your best friend. Amanda is a very good liyal person in a relationship. She is kind, sweet and pretty. So just make sure you never let her go.

~Amanda Reagan~
Is Amanda here today, she is my best friend and I miss her .

Aye guys did you see that girl with the nice butt?
Yeah, that's Amanda.
by princesskitties July 09, 2016
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A scheming ass (yet surprisingly unintentionally funny) hoe who is the scum of the earth. A clingy bitch who needs to be kept in her place

#pimp #slap
Pimp: "I can't work with Amanda, she's a worthless hoe that's actually making me MORE BROKE instead of generating those fundz. Send this bitch back from whence she came"
by LowL33s@h January 03, 2017
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A 13 year old brat who goes out and has sex and smokes weed and skips school
Amanda "Hey let's go out when mom and dad are asleep and go to a high school party and get drunk and drive my brothers car
by Jccalis2003 May 27, 2017
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Really funny smart girl, who is always seen with one earbud in. 90% of the time listening to BTS, 100% of the time listening to J-Pop! Somehow watches anime until 1:00am but still gets straight A's, is on the swim team, marching band, and a vocal group. Amazing singer, just like her sister. Always goofy, a really good chill with friend. Super white but wishes she was Japanese. Will die if you ask her to pick which BTS member is her favorite. Loves junk food but it's not allowed in her house, so she'll eat up yours. Always borrows money, but someday pays you back.
Amanda is part of the ARMY.
by blueberrychapstickruinedmylife October 25, 2017
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