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A girl who is worthy of love, as her name means. Intelligent, kind, and witty; she can light up a room simply with her smile. Her sense of humor is amazing, only fully appreciated by a few; if you can truly make her laugh then hold on to her, because she's special, and she knows you are too. Although quick to boast an air of confidence around others, she has a much more tender and meek side that she only fully exposes to individuals she's quite close with. She's an old soul with a youthful spirit; her wisdom mixed with her child-like playfulness makes her one of a kind and can only bring a smile to ones face. Amaia has a beauty of her own comparable to none (Natalie Portman comes close; just to give you an idea). Her beauty is as natural as the beauty of the sun, beaming through the breaking mammatus clouds after a silent storm; powerful and awe inspiring. She is loving, free, and wild. Amaia will also have an amazing butt.
I wish i had a friend like amaia.
by Jenna_the _banana November 16, 2016
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A hot redhead who plays by her own rules.
Fred: "Look at Amaia."

Stan: "Yeah, she plays by no rules but her own."
by Tallyrand Johnson March 05, 2009
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Amaia (a-May-a) also known as crackhead, is a loud ass person who is known for her donkey laugh.
“Do you know Amaia?”
“The donkey laugh girl”
“Ohhh her?”
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