Alwine you are the best person alive. You put so much effort into making me feel better and always keep me going. I know u always searched up your name on here and never found a definition, I know it probably wasnt a big deal for you but you deserve your own definition my mate. I love you and I always will, platonic or not I WILL. I wish I could just hug you all day and cuddle with you. You are my home, my comfort place and my favourite person. I know you will never see this and even if u wont even know its from me but I just wanna say this so badly: I love you, and as I'm writing this my heart is exploding because of you. Thank you Alwine for remembering the smallest details abt the things I tell you and thank you for your hugs (they r very comforting ma lorddd). You are the best, I wish I could kiss you rn. My mate I love you (I know u dont deserve me but its the truth).

-Your dashing mate :)
Dude 1: I have been talking to this girl lately, she is the best person alive, legit.
Me: She is such an Alwine
by dashing mate December 28, 2022
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plays chess very well but not that much of a pro..loves his boy gang and always wants to hang out with 'em. His best friend is also an Alwin
by Sicillian May 31, 2021
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