A beautiful, talented girl with eyes that shine like stars. Alora is kind and generous and has the perfect figure. She's kind and lightens up everyone around her. Her beauty and kind heart make her who she is. Any one would be lucky to have her.
I met an Alora today, how sexy.
by 133123123 February 28, 2017
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She can be crazy, fun, loving, sexy and has a heart to share to anyone who wants love her back and shes not afraid to tell you how she feels. A true friend where building a relationship with will uplift a sad life to having many adventures creating a better life to live with.
Alora, you are such a crazy, happy friend I love the way your dancing can turn me on when I'm feeling down.
by RippedRobot January 17, 2013
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Hysterical talker to the point they start gobbling like a wild excited turkey.
Talking so fast your head explodes into turkey gobbling
we are at Def Com Alora!
she went all alora on you.
by Laha89 July 20, 2018
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Alora. A beautiful being. Stature of a goddess and the giggles of a goof. Probably the most down to earth of all the goobers. She’s the girl you want.
Geez Alora was the cutest last night, complete Cuddlebug.”
by AustiBoo February 25, 2018
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Aloras are over confident, independent people that often hate drama and stick up for everyone. They are aggressive, sexy and exciting to be around. Aloras dont change friends and if they get attached to you, ( which is rare) they will stick with you for life. They also are never afraid to get into a good fight and never concern themselves with boys. They are loud, abnoxious and always find a way to make you laugh. They never cry and are genuinely, very happy people.
by Mad_lynn June 30, 2019
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A literal goddess. she is sexy and knows how to have fun she is a skater chic and has a booty. go get yourself an Alora because everyone needs one.
man alora is one crazy mother f*****
by ttfnihtbg May 24, 2019
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A beautiful, sexy, cute girl. Smart and perfect in every way. Nice, at times. selfish. Has a jealousy problem. Screams non-stop. FOR JUSTICE
alora is for justice
by shelburne September 22, 2019
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