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That feeling you get with your girl at a rave when even though the music is pulsating and there are people everywhere, the only person you can both see is each other. Then the music intensifies, colours of lights and glowsticks start to melt together as you take her hand, she scoots in close, your hearts beat together to the music. Every step seems to be the first one, but also the 1000th, until finally your lips touch and a new universe fills the void between the two, and you're the only inhabitants.
*Chase and Lora start dancing close to the pulse of music*

Chase: Where did every one go? *stares only at Lora*

Lora: *blushing* who cares? Its like I'm alone with you..

*the two kiss, and go on dancing away, until everyone really does leave*
by APotSmokingCentipede May 04, 2011
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