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A lovely sweet caring girl, that doesn't take no shit from anyone and is very sexy and normally has big beautiful eyes with long , fluffy eyelashes. She has beautiful brown curls she is also very sympathetic and kind to all but is very hot . So if you have a girlfriend or friend named Allyx you are one lucky person.
David: OMG who is that girl over there she is so beautiful but caring at the same time.

Mike: that's allyx she does a lot of kind things to help others and also is a very hot person
by The Bae of the bars June 11, 2017
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Allyx; another way of spelling the unisexual name 'Alex'.

Usually somebody who is trustworthy to you yet doubts they can trust you.


Somebody who changes friends frequently to fit in.

Also see alex
Girl 1: Kailey has been acting kinda preppy lately, but she used to be punk.
Girl 2: Yeah, shes being an Allyx

I can tell Allyx anything, but she won't trust me with a single secret.
by Unavaialable May 03, 2008
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