That one guy you find whenever that has the same name as you. You're both gonna look in class at roll call until you meet. so just get it done and get nicknames.
"I'm Connor."
"NO WAY ME TOO! Name bro's dude!"
"Nice, name five."

*high five each other
by InHoc Urban April 13, 2015
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A name you give your bro
When your bro always replies to you late, so you call him late reply.
Your bro: hey man!

You: wow man, what's up, late reply!
Your bro: haha worst bro name ever.
by NotNart October 19, 2015
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(n.) Used by EroldStory; a generic name for an athletic and/or popular person. Some examples include Brent, Brody, Kyle, Chad, Dylan, Josh, Tanner, Brad, etc. These names can be followed by or before "Dude, Bro".
Guy 1: oH, hEY bRAd!
Guy 2: SUp, dYlaN?
Guy 3: Did you hear that?
Guy 4: Hear what?
Guy 3: Those peoples' names! A name like Dylan is a fine example of a Dude Bro Name.
by DaPwettyPwincess October 7, 2018
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