To describe a phone which has the three most popular features.
and Wi-Fi 802.11g
Im upgrading my Blackberry, I need one with all the G's.
by sug172 May 15, 2010
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"Hey man, we didn't make the finals, but it's all g" or
"I know it sux now, but it'll be all g again soon"
by The Lock June 16, 2012
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a simple short term for the words "all good" which meens, after something is done, that seem'd hurtful or a tease in a way, if it's a good friend, you can say all g, meening you understand it was a joke.
Calen " nigga dat girl is hot, too bad ur dating her. ;)"
brandon " ahha, All g, bro. she picked the best"

Liam " mannn that colone stinnks bad,, can I borow some since you don't need it ;) "

omar- " a.g bro,, aha."
by fatal words December 10, 2010
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Florida slang meaning "to be honest" or "real shit". Basically another way of saying "g shit".
Kyle: All g bro, this some good ass weed
James: G shit.
by hinatawiling January 5, 2018
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A phrase used to express ones satisfaction that the correct weight of illicit drugs was supplied.
Yo Han, that shit was all G on the scale !

Ty, bro all G on the scale ! Werd up !
by Vanilla Tyce & MC Hanner August 29, 2017
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Its all good. The G stands for 'Good'. Also known as 'Its all gangster'
Guy1: Its all g homie

Guy2: Aight Dawg
by howwasyourday April 21, 2013
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