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Very bad diarrhoea
When you attempt to go to the toilet and as soon as your dirty eye spys the toilet bowl the entire contents of your bowel empty before your backside hits the toilet seat.
Oh my God, who destroyed the toilet?" "sorry mate I've got atomic diarrhea
by sug172 October 13, 2010

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To describe a phone which has the three most popular features.
and Wi-Fi 802.11g
Im upgrading my Blackberry, I need one with all the G's.
by sug172 May 15, 2010

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The unusable rear seats in a small sports car.
"cant you pick up Jo and the kids in the Porsche?"
"No, It only has rear spray on seats"
by sug172 May 15, 2010

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Modern alternative to the overused lol. Literally "giggle like a girl" (giggle like a gay in some circles).
this is a picture of me after a bottle of vodka, glg.
by sug172 January 04, 2010

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