The state of being overly dressed, overly serious, or a bit too intense about something that is lame to the point where it is comical.
You see a gentleman in a pimped out yellow automobile (with spoilers). He is wearing yellow rimmed/framed glasses, a yellow jacket, and a yellow shoulder strap. This man is all business.
by Shmubbs January 21, 2005
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1. its all good, horribly awsome.
2. a remark made toward someone to inform them that your gonna go make flip flop with them.
trevor:dont worry its all business babe
tara: i hope you have a jimmy hat.
by Cerile September 23, 2006
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A retarded female who stays in everybody's business but her own! Makes comments about your life but can't wipe her ass by herself. Can't keep a man happy so has to break everybody else up type of bitch! weak ass hides behind social media talking shit bitch! Bald headed neck twisting hand on the hip finger waving looking type of bitch! Fronts like she's better than everybody but ain't shit kinda bitch
Damn she's always talking about someone she's a all in your business bitch
by ItsRissaHaha May 28, 2017
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Did My Business All Out refers to crapping. It actually means when you just shat for any time period of over 20 minutes. “All out” in the definition will refer to the contents of your bowels or as in “going all out,” in which would indicate went all out shitting ffs.

Chill back YOU DIRTY ASSHOLE I just DID MY BUSINESS ALL OUT!!! I’m not trynna shit-chat ass-open with you bro!!”
by Treebonics June 30, 2018
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