1. any member of the non-male gender who feels the need to form an exculsive clique with their other non-male friends and talk shit about people

2. any member of the non-male gender who wrongfully bashes males in general, without acknowledging the fact that many of said males are actually good people who would respect their interests given the chance

3. any single member of the non-male gender with meets with other single non-male persons to talk about who they hooked up with, how drunk they were, how good it was, and their personal best for the number of times it happened in a certain duration of time (often one year); in this case it would be "retarded females"

4. most feminists, including all radical ones
paris hilton, nicole ritchie, britney spears, anna nicole smith, pamela anderson, houston, a prositute, 99% of blondes, alex trebek's wife, hillary clinton, laura bush, most fat girls and retarded female busybodies
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