Typically a rating for a piece of content like a movie or Tv show. It's also known as the 'U' or 'Universal' rating.

It means that the content can be viewed by people of all ages (and if we're being technical, that means ages 4 and up)
Person 1: Do you have any good movies that are for All Audiences? I want to watch a movie with my 4 year old.
Cashier: Yes we do, Finding Nemo is a good classic, it's rated U so it should be fine to watch with your child
by BitchLikeIcareYipYip April 21, 2021
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(n/pl) the small minority of people who expect the government to be a nanny and haven't figured out that if they don't like what they see or hear they can (a) turn off the TV or radio or (b) change the channel
The First Amendment is not appropriate for all audiences.
by fduck May 18, 2004
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an awkward silence-inducing comment made in a conversation about the popular online dictionary.
thom: look at this website i came across last evening
ed: i've seen that, it's urban dictionary
jonny: hey colin, have you seen this?
colin: of course, it's my personal browser's homepage
phil: you know, urban dictionary is not appropriate for all audiences.

by timothy viale October 19, 2009
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