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(of a man) good-looking.

not a selfish person. A good person is not a saint. A good person is someone who thinks about their own needs and comfort as much as they think about other's. A good person is not someone who helps you with money. It is someone who stands by you in your difficult times.
you're so aljon !!
by metalako June 05, 2018
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The best fucking pizza place in the world. located in Plainsboro NJ.

the best pizza ive ever tasted in my life.

In May 2007 it burned down because of an "accidental" fire in the Hot Breads bakery next door according to news reporters/fire fighters.

What really happened was the Hot Breads owners/employees were jealous because everyone went to Aljons and no one went to their stupid little fucking bread store so they purposely started a fire with the intention to burn down Aljons. They were successful and my life has been different ever since. fucking indians/pakistanians/afghanistanians/ and anyone else with dark skin in Plainsboro who was associated with Hot Breads. Fucking terrorists.

Aljons is being rebuilt and reopening sometime in 2009. Everyone used to go there everyday and everyone will go there everyday when they re-open

and don't get it confused with nearby West Windsor Aljons because everyone knows their pizza quality is now where near as good.
yo want to go to aljons today after school?
by ogleballs October 05, 2008
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