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A kind hearted, extremely generous and loving person. Always has time for everyone, especially the ones she loves. Has been gifted with a beautiful soul as well as a beautiful face. Automatically makes people want to squeeze her cheeks all day and she's well aware her sweet smile and the way she scrunches her nose breaks hearts everywhere. Always carries her victoria secret body mist and takes good care of her soft hands.

There are a few Alishba's in the world, so if you have the privilege of knowing one, tell her what she means to you.
z: hey man you seen alishba today?

h: yeah she just gone to share a panini with half the school
by arichgirl May 31, 2015
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Alishba’s are one of the most kindest, funniest and loyal people you’d ever meet. Alishbas are also some of the most stunning people you’d come across. When they smile, the whole world stop and stare because they have the brightest ones. If you know an Alishba, you’d know they tend to be a real heart breaker because they attract a lot of men. If you ever meet her just know you’re very lucky because they’re rare and special. Lastly Alishbas tend to have a nice ass ;)
Boy: who’s that sexy thing?

Boy: oh that’s Alishba :))
by QueenOfLols April 20, 2018
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Alishba is a really kind person once you get to know her. She is usually very reserved and quiet around strangers and gets worried about peoples opinions of her. Alishba is funny, weird, and kind, once you get to know her. One thing you should know about her is she never tells others about her problems, no matter how close. Ask her how she is and it'll brighten up her day! Alishba can also tell who is fake to her.
Person 1: Who's that?
Person 2: Alishba..she's really shy.
Person 3: Really? I was with her at lunch and she was nice!
by just another urban citizen December 02, 2019
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The cutest girl in the entire universe. Everyone is jealous of her personality and adorable looks. Hey ally, I love you and you’ll always be mine forever
Alishba, you are soooo cutee babee
by Allyiloveyou June 01, 2019
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She is a kind sweetheart-ed person who is always there for you she make people happy and smile she isfunny you are lucky if you have a alishba in your life and remember not to lose her because you wont find someone like her ever again in your life
Friend N = you know what alishba did today she made me laugh a lot as i was gonna like cry
Friend Z = WAIT WHAT !! i read on urban dictionary that alishba is a kind person!! can you please introduce me to her!!!!!
Friend N = OKAY
by j98ennifer February 13, 2020
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Alishba is a man, who wears a hijab. Tries to hide it but her bushy moustrache always shows. Bet her dick is 12 inches.
by Isra Mumfatass November 25, 2019
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Alishba is somone is is caring sweet and beautiful. All the boys love her perosnality and looks but she will for the love of her life . She might look very innocent but her mind is dirty . She dreams to have a sex life. Her parnter means alot to her. There are not many alishbas in this world . Alishba has a clear respect for her friends and bf .
"Have u heard about alishba "
"That sexy girl ?"
by Majsjjd June 14, 2018
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