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An Alinur is a very unstable individual. It is a common name gifted to Jewish males. They are very clever, and talented, and most of them are double-jointed. They often have a tough life, and struggle throughout their childhood, leading to doing bad in school. They love the cold months, especially January, and enjoy eating popsicles at that time. They hide their insecurities by coughing or averting the topic being conversed about. An Alinur is an excellent liar, and many of these Jewish boys become spies when they get a job. Most of these males are very loyal to their close friends and families, and would never turn against them. When they grow up, they drive many unique and expensive cars. In bed, however, many girls report their Alinur having a penis with the size of four inches.
You like cold months? You must be an Alinur!
by hellooooitsme June 01, 2018
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