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A smart, pretty, but sometimes forgetful girl. Although she could date any guy she chooses, she goes for the weird guy.
She forgot to go to homeroom? She must be an Alida.

That girl's boyfriend walk madd weird! Yes because that's Alida.
by Mannnnn January 16, 2013
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Norwegian slang for perfection. Used in real life events, like dancing or singing.

Det var som alida!(Perfect tone)- Alida da! (Perfect steps!)
by Kris brt September 25, 2006
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Alida is the girl who inspires and makes one wonder. She‘s travelled the world, met people from all walks of life, seen just about all there is to see on this tiny planet, however, she still ends up loving some strange weirdo who hasn’t been as far as the back of his own garden. She’ll make you laugh, she’ll make you cry, but she‘ll always be Alida. She’s the one who you’ll be thinking about when the sky has turned it’s darkest grey and when you’ve been tossed out by your so called “friends” and you’ve got nowhere to go. Yes, it’s that subtle smile and the mesmirising beauty of her wonderful eyes. Her glow, her spirit, it’s all that you can think about. She’s so interesting and fascinating, that it is believed that she came from the awe-inspiring universe, down to this earth, to show one lucky person how astonishingly amazing people can be. She’s the amazing life changing girl, who only the very few priviledged people get to meet, know, love and cherish. (She’s mostly loved by Daniels and Dans.)
Guy: You know Alida has a big heart.
Me: I know, you feel it when she hugs you! Boom-boom, boom-boom!

She’ll know this: 5555...
by Phoenix Knight August 02, 2018
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