One of the most boring, most formulaic persons I have ever heard A-bout
Formulaic as in : Using the same formula for today's R&B which is getting kinda old-(something 'bout her I don't care for)
by The NewAgeLover April 8, 2005
Not only can she sing but she also has chest hairs
by fishstick April 22, 2005
When you keep falling in and out of love for the same person repeatedly.
Girl: I know he cheated on me before but I can’t help but falling in love with him again.
Other Girl: Girl you got Alicia Keys Syndrome.
by labusha January 19, 2020
Alicia Augello Dean (né Cook) Is a singer-songwriter who completely fell off the face of the earth awhile ago.
What happened to Alicia Keys?

by Someone who kinda exists June 24, 2020