AliExpress is an online marketing network. Founded by Alibaba group in 2010

AliExpress is very cheap that's why Most of The People in The world Buy There...
Get Some Toys for My Kid on AliExpress!!!
by I98YOU February 16, 2019
Probably the only place I'm able to legally get a hentai anime body pillow
How are they able to sell this on AliExpress!?
by The7Guy April 24, 2021
AliExpress is a very popular online global shopping platform based in China. It is known for having literally anything and everything you could ever possibly think about buying. It's also a great place to discover new wacky stuff that you never ever knew existed.

The great thing about AliExpress is that the prices are dirt cheap, but the products are not necessarily. You can find many above-average quality items from well-known Chinese brands that you simply cannot find on similar platforms like or even eBay. And to be fair, while AliExpress does contain its fair share of low quality trash, the range of products are so diverse and plentiful that low quality items stick out like a sore thumb. Like a real store, AliExpress often curates its selection, moving the best quality items to the top of the page.

People may be doubtful of the shipping times, but honestly it's not that bad. The great thing is that the majority of items on Aliexpress (at least items that cost over $6) offer fast shipping methods such as ePacket or AliExpress Standard Shipping, which takes 2-4 weeks to arrive. And even with the economical methods it'll arrive sooner than you think.

Overall AliExpress is a much more elaborate and sophisticated version of in every way. If you plan to save a lot of money but also want decent quality, AliExpress is the way to go. Who are you?!?
AliExpress: I'm you, but better
by UwUltimateDoge June 9, 2021