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A headstrong and beautiful girl. Aleyahs are usually found to be breathtakingly beautiful. They have the face that make heads turn twice. But aside from their physical attributes, Aleyahs are very easy-going and confident people. They are generous and sweet, but they could also be temperamental and moody. But do not be intimidated by the negative traits, Aleyahs just tend get sad or angry easily, but they also bounce back right after. They have this clear statement in their heads that Life is too short for sulking around. They tend to be fun and carefree usually, especially when found in a good mood. But since the name derived from the word, "Leo" they have some sort of fire in them which makes 'em strong and capable of leading. They could be intimidating and obnoxious at times, but trust me when I say you will always have fun when you're with an Aleyah. They are the sort of people who do what they want. They just have too much sunshine to stand in someone else's shadow.
You really are an Aleyah.
by PsychicGirl September 08, 2013
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A real-life mermaid originally from Hawaii that's a real-life mermaid and loves Doctor Who
Omg I love Aleyah!!
by crybaby123 November 22, 2015
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