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A beautiful girl with brown hair and brown eyes. Loves random bands and is very energetic. Shes a one of a kind wonderful chick
Awww man Alexsis is so damn cool!
by dishit December 07, 2010
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meaning "Protector of the People"; A woman that is very outspoken, courageous, and intelligent. Not easily shaken with strong moral values.
Alexsis goes H.A.M.
by SJPG December 08, 2012
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a girl who loves to party. best flirt who makes guys drool. not the best at relationships or at spelling. but is the best listener and great at solving problems and weasling out. Very sexual and sexy body with a amazing ass!!
Damn she's an alexsis
by Loveme1580 November 07, 2016
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A sexy, handsome, loving, caring, respectful, amazing in bed, who loves his family and dearest close ones. a great athlete as well.
You have to be like alexsi !!!!! HE is perfect :)
by Barcelonapro12345678910 August 14, 2018
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An amazing person, that loves to cheer people up. He is such a jokester. He loves to make his friends and family laugh. You can’t imagine your life without him. He is very energetic and fun to hang out with. He is cute, handsome, and very caring. You can trust him with anything. He doesn’t think he’s cute but everyone knows he’s cute inside and out. Friends usually go to him when they need something fun in life.
“I feel lonely at the moment

“You should go talk to Alexsi! He will cheer you right up!”
by Danny.Deveeties September 07, 2019
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From the Greek name Αλεξις (Alexis), which meant "helper" or "defender", derived from Greek αλεξω (alexo) "to defend, to help".

Girls with this name are smart, beautiful and unique. You might hear a curse word now and then, but she is always a lady. Alexsi will fight for you, and fight WITH you, but she is always kind. Alexsi is the best kind of Lexi, because she keeps it real. Nails done and head held high, Alexsi will conquer the world!
Alexsi cares about her friends like they were family.
by MissPerfectlyImperfect April 06, 2019
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