Alex is an amazing young woman. She never looks happy. She always gets her heart broken. It takes her a while to trust a guy. She falls in love so easily. She can't let go of people she loves. She loves animals. She is called aloner. She is very shy expecually around guys she likes. She don't talk she's very quiet. She's always called ugly or a nerd. She loves country music. She don't like fake people. The best Alex to date would be a Scorpio. Her favorite color is green. She has a really good personality. She is not a morning person. She tries to stay up all night. When it comes to people she loves she is very protective.. Her favorite animal is a horse. She's going to work with animals. She can get along with some people. She loves the beach. Summer is her favorite season. But wants to see snow and wants to go to Paris. She is a very creative person. She don't like drama. Tries to think positive at negvative times.
Alex Sanders is a beautiful girl
by taytayjones December 17, 2017
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