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A girl who can be the best friend you ever had or the worst bitch you ever met.

She's the kind of human wreckage you love and wish you could save but you know
that you can't.

She can boost you up or kick your ass depending on what side you're on.

She's taken and happy, befriended and safe, pissed and pouncing like a panther.

PersonA: Dude have you seen Alexsa?
PersonB: That bitch?
PersonA: That's my best friend you;re talking about!
PersonB: Well she's a bitch to me!
PersonA: Well, That's cuz you're Frankie you douchebag!
by Alexsa aka Punk Phantom Cat January 08, 2009
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A girl with a voice so sweet, she could make a wolverine purr.
Person a: ahhhh it's a wolverine, we're gonna die!
Person b: we need alexsa!
by snoop alex dogg August 10, 2008
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Alexsa is everything you look for in a girl. She’s beautiful, smart, ambitious, faithful, sexy, funny, independent....did I mention beautiful? She has an amazing personality that you can't find anywhere else. Her smile is one of a kind; could brighten you from one of your worst days. You can’t look into her eyes and not think about how lucky you are to be gifted with such a perfect girl. She is WIFEY MATERIAL.
Alexsa is out of your league homie
by Bean12/15 December 10, 2018
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Alexsa is the crazy but most amazing person you'll ever meet she will love you with all her heart one second and then put you in your place other she always means well ever when shes acting like a bitch she will be the one person you will always have and she will always tell you the truth even when that shit hurts
Did you see how alexsa was talking talking to the one girl

Omg "look" it seems like they bsfs rn
by Halfahoe June 08, 2019
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Gives zero fucks about everyone and everybody when she needs to. Has your back whenever you need it. Loyal af, if you toxic, better say bye.
Alexsa: Hey have you seen my bff? I have to ask her something.
Person 2: Ugh I hate her. Why would you want to talk to someone like her!
Alexsa: Um bitch quit talking about yourself. Anyways I found her. *walking away* BYE HOE!
by Beep-Bop April 16, 2019
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Alexsa is the kind of girl who will kick your ass if you get on her bad side but, if you are one of her few friends she will defend you no mater what and will always have for back.
*friend gets pushed into a wall*
Alexsa: next time you go anywhere near her your face will be smashed in and let's just say you won't have a car anymore. Ok? Good I'm glad you understand!

*guy leaves*
Alexsa: omg kaylee are you ok!?

Kaylee: yeah I'm fine
Alexsa: omg is that a scrape on you knee!?!?!

Kaylee: no its-
by Meowmeow231 May 31, 2018
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