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Alexine, originating from Greek. Meaning, "defending men". Usually the name given to a gorgeous woman who can captivate any man with her mesmerizing hazel eyes. The type of woman who has an old soul and will make you laugh and smile for hours. Be careful with Alexine guys, her smile will melt any mans heart. This lady has a great personality and goals gentlemen. She's family oriented, loves to read, nerdy, sexy, spicy, loyal, outgoing and smarter than you.
All the guys stopped dead in their tracks. Alexine must've walked into the room.
by GL87 May 20, 2017
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is a batshit crazy motherfucker. will literally kill you if you messed with her idols that are usually rock shit or one direction. curses a hell fucking lot and has like 65 different types of laugh. deadasss serous needs to poop not giving a fuck where she is. wHEN SHE NEEDS TO POOP LET HER HER FART IS A MOTHERFUCKING GAS BOMB. somewhat ugly but has amazing boobs and ass. is tom holland's propety lmao
alexine: can i go to the bathroom?
ppl: restrooms are for paying costumers only
alexine: *farts* i tHINK THE FUCK NOT
by WHATTHEFU July 01, 2018
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