"Alex Day" (or the Nerimon) is a popular vlogger (or video blogger) on the site youtube. He is made of 100% awesome and invented the timeless "vlog tag game" and a new genre of music called "Trock" or "Timelord Rock". He made a series of videos in which he read from the book Twilight. Alex is a member of several bands, including Sons of Admirals and Chameleon Circuit and is friends with popular youtubers such as Charlie McDonnell, Tom Milsom and author John Green. He is signed with DFTBA records.
nerdfighter 1: "Have you ever watched Alex Day's video's? They're kinda epic,"
nerdfighter 2: "Yeah, every day's Alex Day :D"
by Not Kyle Salmons April 30, 2011
A well-known british YouTuber, Nerimon, who believes that women do not have the right to dress however they wish and body-shames his audience of young influencial girls.
From Alex Day's video 'Big Girls in Costumes'

"A lot of cosplayers don't dress their size. If you are a chubbier person, there are a lot of chubby characters in fandoms, Embrace it. Y'know dress up like characters that are the size you are. You can be the Hulk, you can be Java the Hut, Merida from Brave."

"...Why are you doing that to everyone?" (about a larger girl cosplaying a thin character)
by altofreak June 14, 2013
a celebration on the date of july 10th for beautiful men by the name of alex
“Yo did you hear abt what today is”

“no i didn’t, what’s today”

by suspense July 10, 2022
National fuck an Alex day: December 18th, The day that you find someone named alex and get railed by them.
“Hey Alex, it’s the 18th 😏”

shit, it’s Fuck an Alex day”
by Coochie Destroyer69 June 20, 2021
this day is a day for the men to celebrate the birth of alex miller (millerpalex on insta) because he is sexy
everyone got shit faced on National Praise Alex Day”
by Miller Alex October 16, 2019
You have to absolutely drop anyone named Alex and he isn’t alive to end the day with his legs not broken
Paul : “It’s National Beat The Shit Out Of Alex Day”
Johnathan : “ Let’s beat the shit out of Alex
by LemmeEatSomeBooty445 November 5, 2020