An unambiguously wrong, disruptive and often deliberately committed act for which there is not yet a specific law making that act expressly illegal. (See Extralegal) Financial and white collar crimes, such as offshore banking, misrepresenting the value of investments and temporarily selling 'junk' assets to create cashflow are prime examples of "a"legal activities. Alegality is a corollary of the distinction between amoral and imoral reasoning as applied to legality.
Broker#1: We're putting together a portfolio of failing investments so we can sell it investors then short against it and make a killing.
Broker#2: Isn't that illegal?
Broker#1: Nope, just alegal... Now lets get some lattes.
by N8553J April 21, 2010
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A type of Mexican/Spanish male, who has an affair with multiple females (comminly 3 women). He is trash at soccer and he is hardstuck Plat IV. He endures primitive and prehistoric women, but he absolutely loves the legally blind ones.
Tiffanny: Do u remember the guy that i met last Night?

Ashley: Oh yeah, the was an Aleg.
by Underbukseflækkeren July 20, 2018
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Giga chad fucking big abs enjoys biscuits from time to time will dominate no matter what and has the sharpest jawline in the world
Damn Aleg!

Want some biscuit Aleg
by JOE Brammas September 4, 2021
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