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Aleera is the sweetest and most caring person anyone could ever meet. She is extremely intelligent and incredibly beautiful, so anyone will fall for her. She is a very reserved and quiet person who generally keeps to herself most of the time, but once you become better acquainted with her, you'll soon realise that she is unbelievably funny and enthusiastic. Anyone will be so lucky to have her as their friend. She is dedicated to making her friends happy and cheering them up on the cloudiest days. She is loyal and faithful to her closest friends and will always help them out in any way she can. She is kind and compassionate to everyone she meets and never says a bad word about anyone, even if they make fun of her and insult her. Sometimes she doubts her abilities and criticises her features, but she is very optimistic and determined and will persevere until the very end. Any friend of hers should be grateful that she is even a part of their lives. Aleeras are quite rare, and you only live once so treat them with the utmost respect.
Girl 1: Hey, I really wish I was as kind as Aleera.
Girl 2: I know! She's so quiet, but she's the sweetest thing!
by m4yfl0w3r5_4_l1f3 June 04, 2019
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Part of the Pisces Gang (gang gang) šŸ„§šŸŒŠ
šŸŒŗ Amazing friendo, super sweet
Has a Chloe doge
"Oh who's that girl who just asked me how I am?" "That's Aleera"
by doges r cool June 04, 2019
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