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Aleenah is a very Beautiful girl and can be quit shy...she doesn't really like letting things out but if she opens up to you... you're very lucky she keeps to herself with her feelings cause she feels scared to let others in cause they might hurt her...and nobody likes her mom but he dad is awesome!!!... Aleenah if she cares enough will help you in anyway possible and if she gives you the chance to be her friend take that chance you won't regret it... Aleenah is a girl that I would lay down my life for because she's a good friend and a kind soul and did I mention SHE'S REALLY BEAUTIFUL.
Aleenah has such a big heart.
by Life support February 18, 2018
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Aleenah is a very rare girls name meaning "gods ray of morning sunshine", which is very correct. Aleenahs are very beautiful at heart and physically. They light up every room they walk into. Aleenahs are very sweet, and loving and do anything they can for those she loves. Aleenahs are very forgiving and very sensitive. Althought they are sensitive they don't care about their peers opinions. Aleenahs have a lot of insecurities but will never listen to peers or care what they have to say. Aleenahs are loud but only becuase they are full of life and fun. They are very popular but humble at the same time. If you have a friend named aleenah you should always make sure if you do her wrong your never gonna need her again because like i said they are sensitive. Aleenahs even if they despise you will always have your back, becuase they love everyone. Aleenahs usually have a good sense of humor and have a way yo light up any situation. They are always the first to apologise after arguements wether they were right or wrong because they hate holding grudges. Long story short dont ever let aleenahs go and if theyre mad,just buy them chips:)
Aleenah is so sweet and funny OMMGMGMGMGMGMG;)
by Idrkdictionary July 10, 2018
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